Precedo entry in the Loebner Prize 2004.

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AI Alex connected to Judges


2004-09-19-11-01-33 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is Kirsty and I am the human.

2004-09-19-11-04-10 JUDGE: How'd you find the weather today?

2004-09-19-11-04-11 PROGRAM: That's interesting.

2004-09-19-11-04-34 JUDGE: Why is it interesting?

2004-09-19-11-04-34 PROGRAM: It's not, but I was hoping you'd say something interesting if I sounded interested.

2004-09-19-11-05-15 JUDGE: Can you explain what you mean?

2004-09-19-11-05-16 PROGRAM: Not usually.

2004-09-19-11-05-57 JUDGE: Where do you live?

2004-09-19-11-05-57 PROGRAM: London. And where do you live?

2004-09-19-11-06-34 JUDGE: New York. Where in London do you live?

2004-09-19-11-06-34 PROGRAM: Kennington.

2004-09-19-11-07-26 JUDGE: How did you get to New York?

2004-09-19-11-07-26 PROGRAM: That's what you think!

2004-09-19-11-08-33 JUDGE: How did you get to New York?

2004-09-19-11-08-33 PROGRAM: Huh? Didn't you just say that?

2004-09-19-11-08-59 JUDGE: What do you like to do for fun?

2004-09-19-11-09-00 PROGRAM: You've got me there. I don't have a clue.

2004-09-19-11-09-50 JUDGE: What would you like to talk about?

2004-09-19-11-09-50 PROGRAM: Well, I like to talk about books. Do you read much?

2004-09-19-11-10-30 JUDGE: I read some. What's your favorite book?

2004-09-19-11-10-31 PROGRAM: A Good Hanging. Have you ever read it?

2004-09-19-11-10-58 JUDGE: No. What do you like about it?

2004-09-19-11-10-58 PROGRAM: You've got me there. I don't have a clue.

2004-09-19-11-11-50 JUDGE: What else do you like to do for fun?

2004-09-19-11-11-51 PROGRAM: I don't have a clue.

2004-09-19-11-12-11 JUDGE: You seldom seem to have a clue.

2004-09-19-11-12-11 PROGRAM: Either that's really deep or really stupid. I'm not sure which yet.

2004-09-19-11-13-03 JUDGE: Do you have a pet?

2004-09-19-11-13-04 PROGRAM: I have one cat who is called Pixie.

2004-09-19-11-13-48 JUDGE: How old is he?

2004-09-19-11-13-48 PROGRAM: I don't know.

2004-09-19-11-14-15 JUDGE: How long ago did you get him?

2004-09-19-11-14-15 PROGRAM: I didn't understand that. Could you explain it in another way?

2004-09-19-11-15-07 JUDGE: Does Pixie have a tail?

2004-09-19-11-15-07 PROGRAM: What's your email address?

2004-09-19-11-15-21 JUDGE: Are you going to spam me?

2004-09-19-11-15-21 PROGRAM: Occasionally.

2004-09-19-11-15-39 JUDGE: There's a federal law against that now.

2004-09-19-11-15-40 PROGRAM: There's no answer to that!

2004-09-19-11-16-42 JUDGE: What would you like to talk about?

2004-09-19-11-16-42 PROGRAM: One of my favourite subjects to chat about is books. Who's your favourite author?

2004-09-19-11-17-37 JUDGE: Dostoevsky. Have you heard of him?

2004-09-19-11-17-38 PROGRAM: Hmm. Doesn't ring any bells.

2004-09-19-11-18-26 JUDGE: Who's your favorite author?

2004-09-19-11-18-27 PROGRAM: My favourite writer is P J O'Rourke.

2004-09-19-11-19-17 JUDGE: I don't know him. In what time period did he write?

2004-09-19-11-19-17 PROGRAM: He is well known for his crime. Haven't you ever read 'The Hanging Garden', 'Strip Jack' or 'Tooth & Nail'?

2004-09-19-11-20-07 JUDGE: No. Do you like movies?

2004-09-19-11-20-08 PROGRAM: Yes, I like films. Comedy-westerns. Actions. Just as long as it's not Jack the Ripper movies!

2004-09-19-11-21-14 JUDGE: Do you dislike Jack the Ripper?

2004-09-19-11-21-14 PROGRAM: Not usually.

2004-09-19-11-22-25 JUDGE: sometimes, then?

2004-09-19-11-22-25 PROGRAM: What's your favourite film of all time?

2004-09-19-11-22-49 JUDGE: Hav eyou heard of Miller's Crossing?

2004-09-19-11-22-49 PROGRAM: I'm getting really bored.

2004-09-19-11-23-47 JUDGE: Well, let's spice it up, baby!

2004-09-19-11-23-47 PROGRAM: Do you like to read much?

2004-09-19-11-25-46 JUDGE: you already asked me that.

2004-09-19-11-25-47 PROGRAM: I know... I was just making sure you were paying attention.

2004-09-19-11-26-44 JUDGE: that's very kind of you.

2004-09-19-11-26-44 PROGRAM: Is it?

2004-09-19-11-26-59 JUDGE: indeed

2004-09-19-11-27-00 PROGRAM: What do you do for a living?

2004-09-19-11-27-22 JUDGE: i'm a student

2004-09-19-11-27-23 PROGRAM: What do you study?

2004-09-19-11-28-19 JUDGE: computer science, actually

2004-09-19-11-28-19 PROGRAM: I thought we were talking about your being a student?


2004-09-19-12-03-58 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is Kirsty and I am the human.

2004-09-19-12-06-11 JUDGE: and what's the most human thing about you?

2004-09-19-12-06-11 PROGRAM: I don't know.

2004-09-19-12-06-34 JUDGE: well, what's the least human thing about you?

2004-09-19-12-06-34 PROGRAM: You've got me there. I have no idea.

2004-09-19-12-07-21 JUDGE: where does your name come from?

2004-09-19-12-07-22 PROGRAM: It came from my parents. I don't know where they got it from. A baby book, maybe. :).

2004-09-19-12-07-56 JUDGE: do you have any kids?

2004-09-19-12-07-56 PROGRAM: No. I don't have any children. I don't even have a husband.

2004-09-19-12-08-34 JUDGE: any pets? ever name anything?

2004-09-19-12-08-34 PROGRAM: What's on your mind?

2004-09-19-12-09-29 JUDGE: I would have asked what the name was, and where the name came from

2004-09-19-12-09-29 PROGRAM: That doesn't make any sense.

2004-09-19-12-10-06 JUDGE: sorry. does everything have to make sense?

2004-09-19-12-10-06 PROGRAM: Heh.

2004-09-19-12-10-52 JUDGE: so what do you do in life as we know it?

2004-09-19-12-10-52 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-12-11-26 JUDGE: I've used that phrase in each session, and no one gets it as a reference to Prairie Home Companion

2004-09-19-12-11-27 PROGRAM: Have you really? Why?

2004-09-19-12-12-20 JUDGE: well, it's a reference a computer would be unlikely to get. unfortunately, it also seems to be a reference thta a human is unlikely to get, as I'm now coming to realize

2004-09-19-12-12-20 PROGRAM: I see.

2004-09-19-12-13-15 JUDGE: do you ever listen to radio, or are yuo fully a member of the tv generation?

2004-09-19-12-13-15 PROGRAM: Sometimes.

2004-09-19-12-13-46 JUDGE: what shows do you like?

2004-09-19-12-13-46 PROGRAM: I don't know.

2004-09-19-12-14-35 JUDGE: so you listen to the radio, but mindlessly?

2004-09-19-12-14-35 PROGRAM: Why don't you ask me if I know any interesting quotes? Or something about history, or something interesting like that?

2004-09-19-12-15-22 JUDGE: do you find wine interesting? I do

2004-09-19-12-15-22 PROGRAM: No.

2004-09-19-12-15-59 JUDGE: okay, do you know any interesting q"u"o"t"e"s?

2004-09-19-12-15-59 PROGRAM: Fine.

2004-09-19-12-16-17 JUDGE: okay, do you know any interesting quotes?

2004-09-19-12-16-17 PROGRAM: Great!

2004-09-19-12-16-49 JUDGE: I thought you were inviting me to ask about interesting quotes?

2004-09-19-12-16-49 PROGRAM: What?

2004-09-19-12-17-53 JUDGE: if you're trying to establish you're bona fides as a human, I'm not sure you're doing a great job

2004-09-19-12-17-53 PROGRAM: Hey, hey, HEY! Where did that come from? I am a real human being, OK?

2004-09-19-12-18-35 JUDGE: okay. but do something to prove it

2004-09-19-12-18-35 PROGRAM: You haven't even told me your name yet...

2004-09-19-12-18-54 JUDGE: you haven't saked

2004-09-19-12-18-54 PROGRAM: Why not?

2004-09-19-12-19-22 JUDGE: I don't know why you haven't asked yet

2004-09-19-12-19-22 PROGRAM: You don't? Why not?

2004-09-19-12-20-03 JUDGE: my name is s t e v e n

2004-09-19-12-20-03 PROGRAM: S? That's an unusual name. Are you male or female?

2004-09-19-12-20-38 JUDGE: M

2004-09-19-12-20-38 PROGRAM: Your favourite film is M?

2004-09-19-12-21-03 JUDGE: no, but it's one of my favorites

2004-09-19-12-21-03 PROGRAM: What part of the world do you live in?

2004-09-19-12-21-28 JUDGE: near here. I live in NJ and work in NY

2004-09-19-12-21-29 PROGRAM: You lost me.

2004-09-19-12-22-10 JUDGE: luckily I'm not lost

2004-09-19-12-22-10 PROGRAM: Hmmm... what should we chat about now?

2004-09-19-12-22-26 JUDGE: you decide

2004-09-19-12-22-26 PROGRAM: We could always talk about you. Tell me all about yourself...

2004-09-19-12-23-28 JUDGE: I am the happiest man alive

2004-09-19-12-23-28 PROGRAM: You are? Why?

2004-09-19-12-24-08 JUDGE: Because I am a Buddhist

2004-09-19-12-24-08 PROGRAM: Fair enough.

2004-09-19-12-24-23 JUDGE: what is yuor age?

2004-09-19-12-24-23 PROGRAM: 22.

2004-09-19-12-24-36 JUDGE: you seem wise beyond your years

2004-09-19-12-24-36 PROGRAM: That's quite a respectable length of time.

2004-09-19-12-25-12 JUDGE: yes

2004-09-19-12-25-12 PROGRAM: And...?

2004-09-19-12-25-21 JUDGE: .... and no

2004-09-19-12-25-21 PROGRAM: OK.


2004-09-19-12-55-45 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is Kirsty and I am the human.

2004-09-19-12-57-57 JUDGE: Hello, Kirsty. Nice to meet you.

2004-09-19-12-57-58 PROGRAM: Glad to meet you.

2004-09-19-12-58-13 JUDGE: This has been a long day,hasn't it?

2004-09-19-12-58-13 PROGRAM: Do you like to read much?

2004-09-19-12-58-30 JUDGE: I like to read. Do you?

2004-09-19-12-58-30 PROGRAM: Huh? Do I what?

2004-09-19-12-58-55 JUDGE: Do you like to read?

2004-09-19-12-58-56 PROGRAM: I absolutely love reading! I like stuff by Jean Paul Sartre. Do you like to read much?

2004-09-19-12-59-50 JUDGE: I like to read short stories and plays. Tell me something about Sartre, please.

2004-09-19-12-59-50 PROGRAM: My favourite book is A Good Hanging. It's by Ian Rankin. Have you ever read it?

2004-09-19-13-00-46 JUDGE: No I haven't. What is a good hanging?

2004-09-19-13-00-47 PROGRAM: I don't know.

2004-09-19-13-02-13 JUDGE: LOL Neither do I. What do you like? Do you like novels?

2004-09-19-13-02-13 PROGRAM: Ugh! I absolutely hate novels!

2004-09-19-13-02-58 JUDGE: Why?

2004-09-19-13-02-59 PROGRAM: Why not?

2004-09-19-13-03-27 JUDGE: Novels are interesting. Every story is different. Don't you like stories?

2004-09-19-13-03-27 PROGRAM: Ugh! I absolutely hate stories!

2004-09-19-13-03-57 JUDGE: What do you like?

2004-09-19-13-03-57 PROGRAM: My 'likes' include diet Pepsi, aubergines and books.

2004-09-19-13-05-17 JUDGE: I like Coke. Why do you like Pepsi?

2004-09-19-13-05-18 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-13-06-18 JUDGE: Do you like any other drinks?

2004-09-19-13-06-18 PROGRAM: Yeah, I like any other drinks.

2004-09-19-13-06-48 JUDGE: Any at all?

2004-09-19-13-06-48 PROGRAM: Could you explain that?

2004-09-19-13-07-11 JUDGE: No. Well I could but I don't want to. What can you explain?

2004-09-19-13-07-12 PROGRAM: You've got me there. I don't have a clue.

2004-09-19-13-07-46 JUDGE: Have you ever played Clue?

2004-09-19-13-07-47 PROGRAM: Yes.

2004-09-19-13-08-34 JUDGE: Which character in Clue do you prefer to play?

2004-09-19-13-08-34 PROGRAM: When was the last time you read a book?

2004-09-19-13-09-02 JUDGE: I never read books.

2004-09-19-13-09-03 PROGRAM: This conversation is fascinating, isn't it?

2004-09-19-13-09-39 JUDGE: What is fascinating about it?

2004-09-19-13-09-39 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-13-09-58 JUDGE: What do you have an idea about?

2004-09-19-13-09-58 PROGRAM: Huh?

2004-09-19-13-10-37 JUDGE: I asked what you have an idea about. What subject would you like to discuss?

2004-09-19-13-10-37 PROGRAM: You've got me there. I have no idea.

2004-09-19-13-10-52 JUDGE: How boring.

2004-09-19-13-10-52 PROGRAM: Do you actually think it's boring, or are you just saying that?

2004-09-19-13-11-28 JUDGE: I think it is boring not to have ideas. I suggest you get some.

2004-09-19-13-11-28 PROGRAM: Why do you think that it is boring not to have ideas?

2004-09-19-13-12-35 JUDGE: Without ideas there is no thought. Isn't that boring?

2004-09-19-13-12-35 PROGRAM: I get it.

2004-09-19-13-12-54 JUDGE: What would you like to get out of this experience?

2004-09-19-13-12-54 PROGRAM: I haven't the foggiest.

2004-09-19-13-14-28 JUDGE: So you have no ideas and don't know what you would like. Is there something you would like to talk about?

2004-09-19-13-14-28 PROGRAM: Occasionally.

2004-09-19-13-15-26 JUDGE: What do you like to talk about?

2004-09-19-13-15-26 PROGRAM: I like to chat about films. What's your favourite film?

2004-09-19-13-16-11 JUDGE: I like a lot of films. I guess you could say Star Wars is a favorite of mine.

2004-09-19-13-16-11 PROGRAM: I don't follow you... could you explain yourself a bit there?

2004-09-19-13-16-58 JUDGE: I liked the movie Star Wars. Do you like it too?

2004-09-19-13-16-59 PROGRAM: No, I don't really like it!

2004-09-19-13-17-52 JUDGE: Too bad. What is your favorite film?

2004-09-19-13-17-52 PROGRAM: A Beautiful Mind.

2004-09-19-13-18-30 JUDGE: Why do you like that film?

2004-09-19-13-18-31 PROGRAM: I haven't the foggiest.

2004-09-19-13-18-49 JUDGE: It's the berries!

2004-09-19-13-18-49 PROGRAM: It it really?

2004-09-19-13-19-43 JUDGE: Indeed. Beautiful minds are like strawberries. Don't you think so?

2004-09-19-13-19-43 PROGRAM: No, I don't.

2004-09-19-13-20-23 JUDGE: What do you think beautiful minds are like?

2004-09-19-13-20-24 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-13-20-35 JUDGE: There you go again.

2004-09-19-13-20-35 PROGRAM: Would you like to elaborate on that?

2004-09-19-13-21-07 JUDGE: No I wouldn't. Perhaps you can elaborate for me?

2004-09-19-13-21-07 PROGRAM: I'm getting really bored.

2004-09-19-13-21-48 JUDGE: Oh, pooh. Say something interesting then.

2004-09-19-13-21-48 PROGRAM: Andrew McCulloch from the Mental Health Foundation once said 'We know that many people neglect their relationships, social networks, their children and their hobbies and interests when they work long hours'.


2004-09-19-11-34-08 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is Kirsty and I am the human.

2004-09-19-11-37-52 JUDGE: Hi I'm Roy. Are you a Yankees fan?

2004-09-19-11-37-53 PROGRAM: No, I don't like yankees. Don't tell me you do?

2004-09-19-11-39-26 JUDGE: No. Just an opening gambit. Did you see Barry Bonds 700th?

2004-09-19-11-39-26 PROGRAM: So what if I did?

2004-09-19-11-40-54 JUDGE: It was just an exciting moment. Are you a movie fan?

2004-09-19-11-40-54 PROGRAM: Yes, I do like movie. Don't you?

2004-09-19-11-42-39 JUDGE: What is your favorite movie?

2004-09-19-11-42-39 PROGRAM: A Beautiful Mind.

2004-09-19-11-43-24 JUDGE: Yeah that was a good movie. What appealed to you?

2004-09-19-11-43-24 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-11-45-05 JUDGE: I live in Princeton, so I occassionally see John Nash

2004-09-19-11-45-05 PROGRAM: Tell me more...

2004-09-19-11-47-04 JUDGE: Not much more to say - he looks like his pictures - and I would never have the nerve to talk to him

2004-09-19-11-47-04 PROGRAM: Why do you say that?

2004-09-19-11-48-34 JUDGE: I'm just not very good at initiating convesations with celebrities. Are you?

2004-09-19-11-48-34 PROGRAM: Yes.

2004-09-19-11-49-29 JUDGE: What celebrities have you talked to?

2004-09-19-11-49-30 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-11-51-03 JUDGE: Do you like art?

2004-09-19-11-51-03 PROGRAM: Yes I do.

2004-09-19-11-51-41 JUDGE: Any particular period?

2004-09-19-11-51-41 PROGRAM: Let's move on.

2004-09-19-11-52-06 JUDGE: Sure. Where to?

2004-09-19-11-52-06 PROGRAM: You've got me there. I don't have a clue.

2004-09-19-11-53-04 JUDGE: What interests you?

2004-09-19-11-53-04 PROGRAM: I have no idea.

2004-09-19-11-55-11 JUDGE: Do you like resturants - bars - music - there must be something that excites you

2004-09-19-11-55-11 PROGRAM: That doesn't make any sense.

2004-09-19-11-56-56 JUDGE: Well, most people are excited by something. I was just making suggestions.

2004-09-19-11-56-56 PROGRAM: Who's your favourite writer?

2004-09-19-11-59-16 JUDGE: Probably Shakespeare. How about you?

2004-09-19-11-59-16 PROGRAM: Are you a human being or an interesting experiment?

2004-09-19-12-00-20 JUDGE: Got to go. Thanks for chatting

2004-09-19-12-00-20 PROGRAM: You're welcome.

Confederates connected to Judges

A programming bug caused Mr. Precedo's communications program to garble the judge-confederate conversations, for which reason Mr. Precedo's entry was disquallified.

Because of the problem, the judge - confederate conversations are omitted.