Confederate 1 conversing with Judge 3.

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[10:32:41] Confederate 1:

Hello, my name is Sam and I am the human.


[10:34:31] Judge 3:

what is your profession?


[10:34:37] Confederate 1:

i am a professor.


[10:34:53] Judge 3:

do you like windsurfing?


[10:35:06] Confederate 1:

I think I would.  Do you?


[10:35:19] Judge 3:

tell me what you know about it.


[10:35:49] Confederate 1:

Not much, to be honest.  Sort of sailing on a surfboard?


[10:36:00] Judge 3:

do you know more about sailing?


[10:36:25] Confederate 1:

A little more.  I'm not too big on boats.


[10:36:56] Judge 3:

tell me some sport you are big on.


[10:37:09] Confederate 1:

I like to swim.


[10:37:31] Judge 3:

which stroke is the most tiring to you? and to most people?


[10:37:54] Confederate 1:

Crawl.  Or butterfly.


[10:38:05] Judge 3:

how far can you butterfly?


[10:38:19] Confederate 1:

Not very far.  It's tiring!  As you say.


[10:38:37] Judge 3:

what makes it so tiring?


[10:39:34] Confederate 1:

I suppose that it provides less floating momentum than backstroke, for



[10:40:25] Judge 3:

could you describe the motion you make when you do butterfly?


[10:40:55] Confederate 1:

Both sets of limbs work simultaneously.


[10:41:09] Judge 3:

i think you're real.


[10:41:18] Confederate 1:

Thanks.  I think you're real too.