Confederate 2 conversing with Judge 2.

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[10:04:27] Confederate 2:

hello, my name is Gianluca and I am the human


[10:05:06] Judge 2:

hello, what does your name mean?


[10:05:27] Confederate 2:

It means to be a friend of God


[10:05:46] Judge 2:

really? interesting. do you believe in god?


[10:06:01] Confederate 2:

Yes. Do you?


[10:06:15] Judge 2:

Still thinking about that one.  Where is your name from?


[10:06:25] Confederate 2:



[10:10:45] Judge 2:

I love Italy. Last summer I visited Cinque Terra for a week. Have you been



[10:11:19] Confederate 2:

No. I have been to Tuscany, Rome, and Venice...


[10:11:29] Judge 2:

Which is your favorite city and why?


[10:12:20] Confederate 2:

Florence.. The culture, the people, the land. What is your favorite place.


[10:16:40] Judge 2:

Sorry to be gone for so long. My other chatter is very interesting and quite

talkative. So, what do you do for work?


[10:17:40] Confederate 2:

I work for an Insurance company. We help the unfortunate with health

coverage, and make sure that doctors take care of our members..


[10:18:18] Judge 2:

That seems like a worthy vocation.  Tell me something else about yourself.


[10:20:05] Confederate 2:

Lets see, were do I start... Im 26, and starting my voyage in life. I start

traveling soon to third world countries assisting the UN, and the Red Cross.

Its a three month experience..


[10:23:46] Judge 2:

Sounds like an adventure. When do you leave?


[10:25:27] Confederate 2:

Im currently waiting for the ok from the U.S Goverment, but no later than

January..  Before I depart I need to attend a two week training and take it

from there.. I always had a love for people, and helping them will be a dream

come true...


[10:25:53] Judge 2:

I think what you are doing is wonderful! Good luck.


[10:27:01] Confederate 2:

Yes I need it!!! Who knows whays going to happen.. Hopefully Ill stay out of

trouble.. Im Italian after all, and we are interesting people.. Tell me about