Confederate 3 conversing with Judge 1.

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[12:01:41] Confederate 3:

Hello, my name is Geovanny and I am the human.


[12:05:25] Judge 1:

Hello Geovanny, if you are human, you should know which is bigger, my big toe

or a Boeing 747


[12:05:47] Confederate 3:

I think the computer should know that also


[12:06:33] Judge 1:

A really good computer might, but none of these will.  Do YOU know the answer?


[12:07:26] Confederate 3:

a Boeing 747, unless you are looking at small picture of it and your toe just

happens to be bigger the the picture


[12:07:59] Judge 1:

Ok, your the person.  The computer whose screen is next to yours is having a

terrible time with that question.  Are you a New Yorker?


[12:08:11] Confederate 3:

Thru and thru


[12:09:02] Judge 1:

What's your favorite restaurant?


[12:09:45] Confederate 3:

Gabriella's on 70th and I think Broadway, although there are many restaurants

in the city called Gabriella.


[12:09:55] Judge 1:

You obviously don't live downtown


[12:10:01] Confederate 3:

Uptown baby


[12:11:15] Judge 1:

And on the west side.  Otherwise you would have picked one of the many east

side restaurants that are superior to Gabriel's--I think its Gabriels not



[12:13:03] Confederate 3:

I still say West side is the best side. I'm sure there are better restaurants

I have yet to try but I am only going on the one's i have experienced. But

currently my new love is Japanese chicken Wings served at a hole in the wall

on the west side called Tebaya. I would sacrifice many of my current

relationships for a serving of their wings.


[12:14:00] Judge 1:

OK I'll try it.  You should try Aki on west 4th.  The chef used to work in

Jamaica so he combines sushi with Jamaican fruits, etc.  Serious fusion.


[12:14:45] Confederate 3:

WHOA! That is the one thing I will definitely be taking with me out of this

whole strange experiment. I am writing this down. I will definitely check

that out, man even now I can't wait!


[12:14:55] Judge 1:

How did you become a confederate?


[12:15:18] Confederate 3:

I believe in the south and feel that I cannot relate to the yankees.


[12:16:09] Judge 1:

No no, you are now a confederate.  That is your official title.  The humans

in a Turing Test are called confederates.  How did you become one?


[12:17:35] Confederate 3:

I know, I was being a weisenheimer, my freind called me and told me about it,

Thought it would be a fun thing to do. His explanation was different then the

reality of this scene. He told me that base on some questions that I would

answer, a robot would be built in my image. ;-)


[12:18:06] Judge 1:

Maybe that is happening.  Your answers are being recorded and will be used in

a future Turing Test.


[12:18:51] Confederate 3:

Thats cool, future generations will one day discover my random thoughts


[12:19:47] Judge 1:

Future generations should have air conditioning in their Turing Tests


[12:19:55] Confederate 3:

we can only hope. LOL


[12:20:07] Judge 1:



[12:21:14] Confederate 3:

that is a instant messenger lingo, it means laugh out loud. Hey talking to

you has been reassuring. I felt in the other sessions like my humanity was in

question. Like i did not represent humanity.


[12:21:47] Judge 1:

Did it ever occur to you that I might be a machine and so tht you are only

human compared to me?


[12:22:26] Confederate 3:

That would be heartbraking on so many levels, cheif among them would be that

you LIED about AKI and the Japanes/Jamaican chef...


[12:22:53] Judge 1:

Even if I am a machine, I did not lie about Aki.  Chef Siggy is the

greatest.  You do need reservations though since it is very small.


[12:23:26] Confederate 3:

Well then, my humanity is of no importance, what is important is the

existance of Chef Siggy.


[12:24:33] Judge 1:

Its relatively cheap too.  My favorite dishes are the Titanic which is an

avacado filled with an avacado and crab mixture and the Tuna Millefeuille,

which is layers of tuna and strange japanese vegetables with some roe on top.


[12:25:16] Confederate 3:

I work with a tuna freak who would love this. Hey I've asked everyone so I

will ask you. Did you see 'the 40 year old virgin' yet?


[12:26:02] Judge 1:

No but I saw The Aristocrats last night.  I don't recommend it.  Not funny.

If you saw it on TV you would turn it off after 10 minutes.


[12:27:07] Confederate 3:

It didn't look interesting at all, although there are many funny people

involved in it. But I give my guaranDamntee that you will bust a gut laughing

within the first 3o seconds of the 40 yr old virgin.


[12:27:21] Judge 1:

Yes others have told me to see it too.  Thanks for the recommendation.


[12:28:26] Confederate 3:

I've seen it twice, Once I went with a prudish, every proper, and sensitive

girl and after like 15 minutes she got into it and forgot herself and ended

up liking it. It is a great first date movie to break the ice.


[12:28:44] Judge 1:

Hmm sounds useful, though not for me.  I'm married.


[12:29:17] Confederate 3:

Hey I bet the wife would love it to---might evn open up new conversations for

the both of you.