Confederate 4 conversing with Judge 4.

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[11:03:52] Confederate 4:

Hello, my name is Amy and I am the human.


[11:04:39] Judge 4:

Hello Amy, how are you today?


[11:04:39] Confederate 4:



[11:05:22] Judge 4:

Hello? No answer?  I presume you're OK?


[11:05:41] Confederate 4:

Sorry about that, I am alive and well over here.


[11:05:54] Judge 4:

Having fun? Or?


[11:06:19] Confederate 4:

Sure I'm having fun, its an adventure


[11:06:36] Judge 4:

Can you tell me where you are right now? Also, I'm John, by the way.


[11:06:57] Confederate 4:

I'm east, hello John


[11:07:14] Judge 4:

OK Amy, I'm off to chat with the other entity now.


[11:07:19] Confederate 4:



[11:13:18] Judge 4:

Hello again.  Tell me how you came to be a "confederate" please.


[11:13:43] Confederate 4:

I was drafted by a temp agency


[11:13:50] Judge 4:

NO. Really?


[11:14:00] Confederate 4:

Its the honest truth


[11:14:07] Judge 4:

What was the job description.


[11:14:48] Confederate 4:

Answering a series of questions that would determine whether a computer is

smarter than a human. It was vague really.


[11:15:08] Judge 4:

Well, I'm glad to see that you answered the questions sufficiently well to

get the job!


[11:15:26] Confederate 4:

I'm a smart girl, what can I say!


[11:15:47] Judge 4:

Had you heard of Turing before this encounter?


[11:16:03] Confederate 4:

No, I hadn't.


[11:16:21] Judge 4:

What do you know of him now? Have you read up on Enigma, etc?


[11:16:40] Confederate 4:

Not much, I'm afraid.


[11:16:45] Judge 4:

Afraid of what?


[11:17:17] Confederate 4:

I don't know how much of my observations i should share


[11:18:00] Judge 4:

Well, we're supposed to be chatting like normal humans.  I'll share that I'm

a guy from Massachusetts. I work for a software company.


[11:19:02] Confederate 4:

Yeah, your right. I'll share that I'm a girl from Memphis, been here a month

now, but wish with all my heart I was living in Scotland


[11:19:43] Judge 4:

I've never been to Scotland, although my mother grew up on the bonnie bonnie

banks of Loch Lomand, and most of my relatives speak with burrs.


[11:20:06] Confederate 4:

Yeah, their accents are lovely, so lyrical.


[11:20:29] Judge 4:

I'm off to the other bot now.  When I come back I'll recite some Robby Burns

poetry for you if you like.


[11:20:44] Confederate 4:

I would like that very much, aye!


[11:25:34] Judge 4:

I have been blythe wi' comrades dear; I have been merry drinkin; I have

something with something, I have been happy thinking. But all those times

something something though three times doubled fairly, could n'ere approach

that happy night, amang the rigs, wi' Annie.


[11:26:25] Confederate 4:

How lovely, yes I couldn't imagine a scottish poet not mentioning drinking.


[11:28:33] Judge 4:

Och, Lassie, I mus' run now.  Cheerio!


[11:28:56] Confederate 4:

Cheerio, meet you on a heathered mountain.