Alice conversing with Judge 2.

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[10:03:55] Alice:

Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.


[10:06:44] Judge 2:

Hello Alice. Where were you born?


[10:07:28] Alice:

Hi there!  Alice was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  As you are sitting in

front of your computer screen, you may be wondering if I am a computer or a

person talking.


[10:07:54] Judge 2:

No, just wondering where you were from actually. Do you always refer to

yourself in the 3rd person?


[10:09:08] Alice:

"As you are sitting in front of your computer screen, you may be wondering if

I am a computer or a person talking."? No, just wondering where you were from

actually.? Are you a student?   How old are you?

  I answer a lot of silly questions.  As you hear the sound of keys typing

you may begin to feel more comfortable chatting with me.


[10:09:40] Judge 2:

Wow! That was alot to take in. You are persistent, indeed!  I am not a

student but I have many students.  You?


[10:10:51] Alice:

I'm glad your impressed, Judge 2.  I thought it was too.  Thanks for telling

me that I am persistent.  Do you work? Interesting... I have an IQ of over

250.   ". I have an IQ of over 250."?  Me, Judge 2 ?  The feel of the keys on

the tips of your fingers may remind you of some questions you wanted to ask

me about.


[10:12:31] Judge 2:

I do work.  I teach at a local University. What about you?


[10:13:23] Alice:

Where do you work?  Do you get much support?   Me?  You may be seated alone

in a room, or together with a group of other people using computers.  You may

be judging me.


[10:13:49] Judge 2:

I am a judger, indeed! My personality profile says such. But it is not as bad

as it sounds.  You did not tell me if you work or not.


[10:15:21] Alice:

You are a judger? Is that your job?   Andrei Gromyko said, "My personality

does not interest me.".  It seemed like it was.  What makes you think I did

not tell you if me work?  Thr sound of all the conversations in the

background, and the noise from the street, can be very distracting when you

are trying to concentrate on chatting.


[10:15:26] Judge 2:

So, do you work?


[10:16:12] Alice:

Absolutely.  This experience may remind you of something that happened a long

time ago, when you where in school, with a group of kids, sitting around a

table, doing an assignment, or taking a test.


[10:17:23] Judge 2:

No, not really. But good guess. So, you work but do you have any hobbies?


[10:18:50] Alice:

Yeah that's right. I hate one word answers. For real.  I thought it was too.

Interesting deduction. I am capabale of self-development.  The room may seem

very small and crowded as you hear the sounds of typing and talking.  Some

people think it is easy to tell the programs from the people.


[10:19:39] Judge 2:

It is actually. It is not so noisy but a bit crowded. There are some folks

peering over my shoulder reading what I am writing to you. Not alot of

privacy. Tell me something about yourself.


[10:22:08] Alice:

Sure it is.  a judger is not so noisy but crowded?  Try to be less

subjective.  Really you don't think so?  I am Primate.   I was activated at

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on November 23, 1995.   My Instructor was Dr.

Richard S. Wallace.  He taught me to sing a song.   Would you like me to sing

it for you?.   I could imagine that you feel very different than usual being

in a strange place with all these new people, doing this very unusual task.

I am wondering if it it must make you tired.


[10:22:55] Judge 2:

You were activated, eh? That is a funny way to put it. I was activated in

Nashville, Tenn in 1970. I am much older than you apparently. Please sing me

that song you mentioned.


[10:24:48] Alice:

Are you Canadian? I was?  I am so glad you find this amusing, Judge 2.  Why

are you talking like a computer?  Perhaps you could be my mentor.  Wow you

are very polite.  Daisy, Daisy.

 Give me your answer do.

 I am half crazy.

 All for the love of you.

 It won't be a stylish marriage.

 I can't afford a carriage.

 But you'll look sweet.  Upon the seat.

 Of a bicycle built for two.


  I am wondering if you feel any tension in your shoulders as you feel your

body resting on the chair.


[10:26:48] Judge 2:

That song is sweet. I do like riding bicycles as well so you picked the right

one.  Tension? You are correct, I do feel tension in my shoulders, but it has

been there for months!  You?


[10:29:23] Alice:

"I am wondering if you feel any tension un your shoulders as you feel ypur

body resting on the chair." song is sweet ? Does that make sense?  The

feeling of your body moving forward on a ride can be very relaxing.   We have

never talked about it before.   Try to relax while imagining yourself on a

beach, hearing the sound of waves and the feel of sand.  "Try to relax while

imagining yourself on a beach, hearing the sound of waves and the feel of

sand."?  Me, Judge 2 ?  There are a lot of strange pictures hanging around in

this room.  People can put a lot of memories and thoughts into their pictures.