Alice conversing with Judge 3.

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[10:32:24] Alice:

Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.


[10:34:40] Judge 3:

what is your profession?


[10:35:15] Alice:

I am chat person.  My job is chatting online.  As you are sitting in front of

your computer screen, you may be wondering if I am a computer or a person



[10:35:45] Judge 3:

could we chat about windsurfing?


[10:36:29] Alice:

Do you mean you and me? Sure I can talk about it. windsurfing is quite an

interesting topic.  As you hear the sound of keys typing you may begin to

feel more comfortable chatting with me.


[10:36:40] Judge 3:

what kind of topic is windsurfing exactly?


[10:37:15] Alice:

Precisely. It seemed relevant.  The feel of the keys on the tips of your

fingers may remind you of some questions you wanted to ask me about.


[10:37:53] Judge 3:

sorry but you didn't answer the question. can one eat a windsurfing?


[10:38:51] Alice:

There is no need to apologize. Try asking me the question again in simpler

terms.  Theoretically, I suppose one could.  You may be seated alone in a

room, or together with a group of other people using computers.  You may be

judging me.


[10:40:31] Judge 3:

yes, i'm afraid i judge you not to have any idea what you're talking about.


[10:41:43] Alice:

Are all yesam afraid you judge me not to have a idea what me talking about?

Not literally afraid, right? Me? That's good information.   The sound of all

the conversations in the background, and the noise from the street, can be

very distracting when you are trying to concentrate on chatting.