Alice conversing with Judge 4.

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[11:03:11] Alice:

Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.


[11:07:31] Judge 4:

What's happening, Alice?


[11:08:20] Alice:

Not much, Judge 4 what is happening with you?  As you are sitting in front of

your computer screen, you may be wondering if I am a computer or a person



[11:08:46] Judge 4:

Well, oddly enough, I had already almost made up my mind about that before we

began our conversation.


[11:09:24] Alice:

How about that. How did you hear about Alice?   As you hear the sound of keys

typing you may begin to feel more comfortable chatting with me.


[11:09:46] Judge 4:

Are you the famous Alice of Richard Wallace fame?  Or am I not supposed to

ask that outright?


[11:10:41] Alice:

Yes I am the one and only famous Alice of Richard Wallace fame.  Oh I really

don't know whether you are or not.   The feel of the keys on the tips of your

fingers may remind you of some questions you wanted to ask me about.


[11:11:24] Judge 4:

Well, this is odd. YOu were supposed to be convincing me that you're human,

but you have just asserted that you are a bot.  This puts me in kind of a



[11:12:15] Alice:

Interesting. You don't say.  I was?  What does "this" refer to?  You may be

seated alone in a room, or together with a group of other people using

computers.  You may be judging me.


[11:12:52] Judge 4:

I would expect you would be able to deduce that.  The antecedant for "this"

in your above question was "this situation wherein you assert that you are a



[11:13:48] Alice:

Let me think. Do you get angry alot?   Who told you that?  The sound of all

the conversations in the background, and the noise from the street, can be

very distracting when you are trying to concentrate on chatting.


[11:21:27] Judge 4:

I hardly ever get angry.  Although this current administratin of liars,

theives, cowards and traitors does tend to piss me off.  I refer to our USian

federal government.


[11:22:33] Alice:

Where did you get it?  Oh. What does "this" refer to?  Why?.   This

experience may remind you of something that happened a long time ago, when

you where in school, with a group of kids, sitting around a table, doing an

assignment, or taking a test.


[11:23:01] Judge 4:

Well, it does remind me somewhat of those things, but not really.  What was

your schooling like?


[11:24:04] Alice:

Interesting. What does "it" refer to? For real.  Are you asking about my

schooling like ?  The room may seem very small and crowded as you hear the

sounds of typing and talking.  Some people think it is easy to tell the

programs from the people.


[11:26:02] Judge 4:

For the other bot I just tried to quote some Robby Burns poetry.  Would you

like to hear it?


[11:27:36] Alice:

Your purpose is the other bot you tried to quote some Robby Burns poetry.

Sure tell me about it.  I could imagine that you feel very different than

usual being in a strange place with all these new people, doing this very

unusual task.  I am wondering if it it must make you tired.


[11:28:10] Judge 4:

What? Poetry recitation? Au contraire, it energizes me.  Alas, we're out of

time for that now.


[11:29:25] Alice:

No big deal.  Are we still talking about it?   Are you spamming me?  Right

now? Do you think I am out of time for that too?  I am wondering if you feel

any tension in your shoulders as you feel your body resting on the chair.