response: Hello, my name is Geovanny and I am the human.


send: Hi Geovanny!  How are you this morning?


response: Hey there mystery person--I am a little confused today, waiting to see the conclusion of this whole scenario


send: Well, I can guess the conclusion will be that we will all have a good time and get a chance to discuss and ponder what makes our conversation human, yes?  Where are you from?


response: agreed. This isn't a bad way to spend my Sunday morning----normally I would have been waiting for the NFL to start playing at 1PM---so this isn't so bad


send: NFL, eh? I like sports OK but do not watch them much on TV. I prefer to be in the stadium. But, alas, that is not easy with the NFL. What other hobbies do you have?


response: I did not read the last part of your message, so i will answer it now. My parents are from Colombia, but I was born here in New York City and feel more like a New Yorker then anything else. My hobbies include boxing (I don't fight but I do the workout and its fun), I'm a bit of a movie buff, as a child comic books were a major hobby but not anymore. I also, for some reason, like to read anything I can about the occult but I do not practice it or encourage it, just like hearing and reading about it.


send: Boxing sounds fun. I took Tae Kwon Do for a couple of years and had to stop because I was picking play fights with all of my friends!  Have you tried reading any illustrated novels? 


response: Does Frank Miller's Sin City count?


send: Thought that was a movie


response: It was based on the graphic novel-----Hey whoever you are, I just wanna make a quick recommendation---whatever you do in your lifetime , make sure your loved on or significant other takes you to see "The 40 Year Old Virgin" you will love it


send: I saw that and thought the first half was really really good but then the second half fell apart. I thought the same thing about Wedding Crashers -


response: its funny that I also compare those two films together---and your right, the first half was a riot guy flcik and the second half was a bit mushy but I can forgive it beacause for both of those films the first halfs were unforgettable---the Virgin is also in another movie you should check out while drunk or otherwise altered called Kung-Pow


send: Ok, thanks for the advice!


response: I hope I represented humanity in at least an ok way