response: Hello, my name is Gianluca and I am the human


send: hi, is that a man's name or a woman's name?


response: Good question.. What do you think?


send: parli italiano?


response: si


send: da dove sei?


response: Siracusa, Sicilia


send: did archimides spend some time there?


response: Yes he did. What we call the ear of Archimedi is located in Siracusa


send: didn't he do something with mirrors there?


response: yes, he fought the Romans, or Greeks I forgot :) But used the sun rays, to burn the ships


send: ho amici que vivano in catania. sorry my italian is not that great.


response: you are speaking pretty well. I have family in Catania, Canicattini, Florence, Rome.. Everywere. Its been a while since i've been there. Im trying to go back in February.


send: are you as pretty as you sound?


response: Yes ;)


send: it's hard to continue from there:)


response: yes.. Well Im a typical Sicilian girl.. Black hair, Black eyes. People say dark, but my eyes are very dark. Thats the Arab part of me. My grandmother is from Egypt.


send: you sound gorgeous. but onto other topics: are you a mathematician?


response: Im pretty good in math, Im currently attending Engineering school.. I hope to make the naxt Ipd killer.


send: i think there is a lot of cool engineering to do with dna. have you ever considered applying your skills in that direction?


response: I did think about it. DNA is a very interesting component of life. I believe with DNA many of todays genetic diseases could be cured. Even cloning is amazing used appropriatly.


send: dna computation is a lot about making dna sculptures (e.g. swimming pools), but now the action is in making dna walkers. i think it's going to provide the basis for a lot of interesting apps.


response: What do you thing should be the ultimate goal in DNA technology


send: therapeutics, self-assembly of nucleic acid level machines that can go into food or into the body. of course it could also get scary.


response: yes it can. What is your opinion toward cloning?


send: i don't think i'd want to be cloned myself. the world doesn't need more than one of me.


response: lol.. Yes they dont, but they can use another clone of me, the world does not have enough ;P


send: from your description, i agree:)


response: thank you your so sweet.


send: one last italian question: this summer i was at a summer school in pantalleria. people greeted one another with the word "salve". Is this common in the rest of italy or at least sicily?


response: well its been 10 years since of been there, but if it was a small town than it would not be common. The nice thing about Sicily, and Italy, that every town have there own dialect, way of life its like going in a different country


send: piacere avere parlato con te.


response: piacere, ciao