response: Hello, my name is Amy and i am the human.


send: Hi Amy, if you are indeed human, tell me which is bigger, my fingernail or the Czech Republic


response: The Czech Republic I think.


send: You think!!   Don't you know for sure about the relative size of a country and a human body part?


response: Well, it depends on what lives under your fingernail and besides my knowlege of geography is shamefull.


send: Maybe your knowledge of geography is terrible but at least you understand the questions, which is more than any of the machines I have been chatting with have been able to do.


response: Unintelligence everywhere, huh?


send: Is your name really Amy?  What do you do?


response: Yes it is and I'm an artist.


send: And do you paint?  Or sculpt?


response: I paint and draw mostly, make limited edition artist books.


send: I don't understand.  You don't sell your painting as paintings but only as parts of books?


response: No, I have a number of mediums that I work on. I do paintings on wood and those are seperate from the books but they do have the same subject matter running through them.


send: How can I look at your wood paintings?


response: You would have to wait till they are shipped to me. Right now I can't even look upon them, they are in storage.


send: Do you have your stuff on a web site?






response: klkj Sorry about that, I hit enter one too many times. No, I don't have my stuff on the web, though I've been meaning too.


send: I bet there is lots of stuff to paint in NYC


response: Yeah there is, but I mostly work from a combination of found images and my imagination.


send: I'm a philosopher and have no artistic ability at all


response: I like philosophy, have you read the "Poetics of Space"?


send: Never heard of it.  Is it philosophy?


response: Yes, its about the significance of the spaces we choose for ourselves, their limitations and symbolism.


send: Who wrote it?


response: Gaston Bachalard. I might be mispelling the last mname though. He's French.


send: Sounds like a Chris Alexander book.  Is it about architecture?


response: Not really, it reference space in nature a lot but in a very poetic way. Nests and shells, cocoonc.


send: Sounds great.  We live in the era of design


response: Yes, we do but we should never forget that nature is the ultimate designer i think.


send: Cool.  Nice talking to you


response: Yeah, you too.