response: Hello, my name is Sam and I am the human.


send: Hello Sam.  Well, one way  or the other this will be over soon.


response: Thank goodness.


send: Had enough, have you?  HOw did you come to be a participant?


response: I teach language theory and am writing on this subject.


send: Well, have you interacted with many of the bots today?


response: No, none.  I'm not a judge.  I've interacted with the humans.  Are the bots more fun?


send: Well, you made me laugh.  I think the bots are pretty abysmal, frankly.  Which makes me feel better, in a way.


response: If it helps, you're the most interesting judge so far.  Please don't ask me about sports.


send: OK.  Although in my last conversation with a confederate I talked about yankees and red sox.


response: Be better than a bot.  Try some more interesting topics.


send: OK, I'm off to the other entity now.


response: Please come back soon.  A judge gave up on me earlier.  It hurt my feelings.  Others asked me about sports.  A half-hour can seem a long time.


send: I'm surprised that any of the judges would ask you about sports. None seem like the sporting type.


response: I could say a few things but I won't.  What brings you to be a judge?


send: I wrote about this contest for Salon a few years ago.


response: I read your piece this morning.


send: Well, was it sublime?


response: Sublime, superb, ineffable.  Actually, I was a bit tired, but it looked good.  What do you write on now?


send: Mostly I just do my day job, in which I write about OpenLaszlo.  I also write for my website wetmachine.


response: Which concerns?


send: technoparanoia.  Also, I have a few fellow bloggers who write about the nexus of society and technology.


response: Technoparanoia in the sense of what?


send: Fear of the future.  Ted Kaczynski.  Technology taking over from us!  Arrgh, the machines are coming!


response: Wouldn't you say however that there is also a new kind of futurism, an incessant declaration of each new technical genre as a new paradigm, etc.?


send: Sure.  But that's the general subject.  Although I also write a fair amount of general bullshit.


response: Ah, a blogger.  What did you study in school?


send: As an undergrad I studied anthropology.  MS in agricultural economics from Purdue. Then 24 years in computer industry. How about you?


response: Literature.  So you're not the judge who asks about art theory?


send: NOt I.  I just write general bullshhit.  I"m off to the other bot now.


response: How's the other bot doing?


send: Not too good. But the best so far, I think.


response: What is it doing well, or less well?


send: For one thing, it is not offering to smash my face with a baseball bat.  For another, it is not telling me contradictory stuff about where it's from.


response: Will it win the prize?  At least, from your perspective?


send: The big prize? No.


response: You're probably a human.