Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.
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2005-09-18-10-11-49 CONFEDERATE: Hello, my name is Sam and I am the human.
2005-09-18-10-12-13 JUDGE: Hi Sam, tell me which is larger, a TV screen or Belgium.
2005-09-18-10-12-57 CONFEDERATE: Belgium is a little bit larger.
2005-09-18-10-13-19 JUDGE: Wljso lwjejdo wleje elwjeo wjeol, isn't it?
2005-09-18-10-13-29 CONFEDERATE: Is that Polish?
2005-09-18-10-13-45 JUDGE: Who.
2005-09-18-10-14-05 CONFEDERATE: What you wrote above.
2005-09-18-10-14-21 JUDGE: This is ljelwl, aren't you.
2005-09-18-10-14-47 CONFEDERATE: I'm a little worried about your writing skills.
2005-09-18-10-15-28 JUDGE: Which is further away from this apartment, Queens or the Queen of England.
2005-09-18-10-15-48 CONFEDERATE: If the Queen is visiting Manhattan, she is closer.
2005-09-18-10-16-35 JUDGE: If the Queen is visiting Manhattan, won't she want to abdicate?
2005-09-18-10-17-15 CONFEDERATE: I would.
2005-09-18-10-17-46 JUDGE: You would rather not be Queen, then, right?
2005-09-18-10-18-17 CONFEDERATE: I'd like to be Queen, but England's damp. How about you?
2005-09-18-10-18-42 JUDGE: Which is damper, England or under your sink?
2005-09-18-10-18-54 CONFEDERATE: I'd like to be Queen, but England's damp. How about you?
2005-09-18-10-19-51 JUDGE: You didn't answer the question.
2005-09-18-10-20-26 CONFEDERATE: You didn't answer my question. But please look at my response again.
2005-09-18-10-21-07 JUDGE: Change of subject: if you are human, you should know: what is lewleoxoe.
2005-09-18-10-21-46 CONFEDERATE: Perhaps I should, but my Polish is rusty.
2005-09-18-10-22-19 JUDGE: How can a language be rusty, there is no metal in it?
2005-09-18-10-22-41 CONFEDERATE: You write like a computer.
2005-09-18-10-23-09 JUDGE: Thanks a real compliment. You write like a human!
2005-09-18-10-23-23 CONFEDERATE: Is that a compliment?
2005-09-18-10-24-19 JUDGE: Good thing I am the judge, not you. You would say I was a machine!
2005-09-18-10-24-44 CONFEDERATE: There may be worse things to be.
2005-09-18-10-26-19 JUDGE: Which, a machine or a judge?
2005-09-18-10-26-52 CONFEDERATE: Ha ha. I'll leave that you to. You're the judge!