Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.
This transcript is in the public domain.

Judge connected to Confederate.

Local IP:
Remote IP:

Local Name: 4
Remote Name: ??

Local Session: 2
Remote Session: ??

2005-09-18-10-30-36 CONFEDERATE: Hello, my name is Gianluca and I am the human.
2005-09-18-10-34-21 JUDGE: Hello. SOrry for the delay.
2005-09-18-10-34-40 CONFEDERATE: No problem.....
2005-09-18-10-34-49 JUDGE: HOw's it going so far?
2005-09-18-10-35-18 CONFEDERATE: It's going pretty well. How is going for you?
2005-09-18-10-35-42 JUDGE: The entity on the other terminal just said it was going to smash my face with a baseball bat!
2005-09-18-10-36-43 CONFEDERATE: Nice.... Thats a mad entity. So tell me about yourself, and I promise I wont smash your face with a baseball hat :).
2005-09-18-10-37-17 JUDGE: I'm just some guy. From Massachusetts. I wrote about the Loebner contest for Salon. Com a few years ago.
2005-09-18-10-39-20 CONFEDERATE: Interesting... I actually wrote a colomn for Wired. Com on the issues regarding the lagality of Music, and illegal downloads. Do you feel that the RIAA is beng too rough on there customers, by suing them, children, grandmas, the poor?
2005-09-18-10-39-33 JUDGE: RIAA is the anti christ. Going to talk to other bot now.
2005-09-18-10-40-36 CONFEDERATE: Im glad you feel the same way. Its too greedy... How is the other entity treating you?
2005-09-18-10-43-21 JUDGE: The other entity just told me that it was nice to share my hair brush.
2005-09-18-10-44-02 CONFEDERATE: Share your hair brush? You have a mad, perverted bot...
2005-09-18-10-44-24 JUDGE: I don't even have a hair brush. Otherwise I would have thought it quite forward indeed.
2005-09-18-10-45-31 CONFEDERATE: Well it is a networked bot, and like the internet it's preety werd the way entities converse these days..
2005-09-18-10-45-47 JUDGE: OK, but I feel that I should go back and chat with it anyway.
2005-09-18-10-46-28 CONFEDERATE: You should.. Ask it very personal questions. See how it will answer you..
2005-09-18-10-49-32 JUDGE: It's a pretty stupid bot, or else it's trying to convince me that it's a very stupid bot.
2005-09-18-10-50-16 CONFEDERATE: You never know. The stupid bot can be a stupid human.
2005-09-18-10-50-30 JUDGE: Well, what would that make you then?
2005-09-18-10-51-08 CONFEDERATE: A bot..
2005-09-18-10-53-13 JUDGE: Well, a fine bot you are then, and I appreciate your work exposing the RIAA.
2005-09-18-10-53-57 CONFEDERATE: It's a step in the right direction. Consumers may have lost the battle, but they will win the war..
2005-09-18-10-55-02 JUDGE: Perhaps. Meanwhile it's been nice chatting with you. Laters.
2005-09-18-10-55-37 CONFEDERATE: It's been a pleasure aswell.. Have a great day.