Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.
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2005-09-18-11-00-57 CONFEDERATE: Hello, my name is Geovanny and I am the human.
2005-09-18-11-02-08 JUDGE: What kind of name is geovanny?
2005-09-18-11-03-09 CONFEDERATE: Well its supposed to be Italian but I am not. My mom got it out of one of her spanish soap operas.
2005-09-18-11-03-27 JUDGE: Do you speak spanish yourself?
2005-09-18-11-03-45 CONFEDERATE: Si.
2005-09-18-11-03-57 JUDGE: In english what does the spanish word azul mean?
2005-09-18-11-04-14 CONFEDERATE: It means blue.
2005-09-18-11-04-49 JUDGE: How about buena suerte?
2005-09-18-11-05-22 CONFEDERATE: That means good luck. As in good luck trying to figure out what I am.
2005-09-18-11-05-46 JUDGE: Please answer the following in spanish: de donde es su mama?
2005-09-18-11-06-04 CONFEDERATE: Mi mama es de Colombia.
2005-09-18-11-06-37 JUDGE: Que es la fama de portenos?
2005-09-18-11-07-08 CONFEDERATE: Admito que no lo se.
2005-09-18-11-07-47 JUDGE: Esta bien I believe you're real.
2005-09-18-11-08-20 CONFEDERATE: Are you of latin/hispanic descent?
2005-09-18-11-09-39 JUDGE: No, but I have cousins who live in buenos aires; people are called portenos there.
2005-09-18-11-10-41 CONFEDERATE: Have you ever been there? And have you seen 'the 40 year old Virgin' yet?
2005-09-18-11-11-18 JUDGE: No, though I hear it's funny.
2005-09-18-11-12-08 CONFEDERATE: It is an instant classic. Can I ask what is your background?
2005-09-18-11-13-56 JUDGE: It's been nice talking to you, but let me focus on the computer to my right.
2005-09-18-11-14-15 CONFEDERATE: Focus away my freind.