Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.
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2005-09-18-11-29-10 CONFEDERATE: Hello, my name is Amy and I am the human.
2005-09-18-11-31-49 JUDGE: Hi, Amy. How are you today?
2005-09-18-11-32-08 CONFEDERATE: I'm great, how are you?
2005-09-18-11-32-24 JUDGE: I am doing well, thanks. My name is Lila, by the way.
2005-09-18-11-32-36 CONFEDERATE:
2005-09-18-11-32-50 JUDGE: I did not get a response - are you ok in there?
2005-09-18-11-33-22 CONFEDERATE: Sorry, I'm fine. Where are you from?
2005-09-18-11-34-30 JUDGE: From? Well, I live in NYC right now. Where are you from?
2005-09-18-11-35-08 CONFEDERATE: Originally, memphis, you know-home of Elvis.
2005-09-18-11-36-23 JUDGE: I do. I was born in Nashville. My parents had just come over from Iran. Funny place for them to start up, don't you think?
2005-09-18-11-37-23 CONFEDERATE: Yeah it is a bit of an unusual choice, do they have a thing for country music or wasit more random than that?
2005-09-18-11-37-37 JUDGE: More random. Do you like living in NYC?
2005-09-18-11-38-13 CONFEDERATE: Yes, I was living here a few years ago, but left after I was laid off from my job.
2005-09-18-11-38-40 JUDGE: Where do you live now?
2005-09-18-11-39-04 CONFEDERATE: Bed-Stuy.
2005-09-18-11-40-58 JUDGE: Do you like it? How old are you?
2005-09-18-11-42-03 CONFEDERATE: Yeah, its ok, though not as much of a diverse community as I would like. I'm 32 but look 22.
2005-09-18-11-42-36 JUDGE: Really? What is your secret?
2005-09-18-11-42-42 CONFEDERATE:
2005-09-18-11-43-35 JUDGE: I did not get anything. Are you keeping your secret a secret?
2005-09-18-11-44-52 CONFEDERATE: Sorry, I accidently hit enter twice. No I'll share my age-defying secret. I've pretty much avoided the sun since I was nineteen, I have pale skin anyway.
2005-09-18-11-45-41 JUDGE: Ah, the sun. I am doomed.
2005-09-18-11-46-39 CONFEDERATE: Yeah, for most people its toolate to undo the damage. Not to say that I din't coat myself with baby oil once or twice in my preteen years.
2005-09-18-11-47-22 JUDGE: Yes, I remember that. I find that as I get older, I crave relaxing days on the beach, it I like an elixir. Anyway, congrats on looking 10 years younger. Hopefully I'll have a chance to see for myself!
2005-09-18-11-48-26 CONFEDERATE: Thanks, my elixir is libraries or beautiful parks. The 10 years younger look though is not always a blessing.
2005-09-18-11-48-48 JUDGE: Let me guess - all the younger folks are into you?
2005-09-18-11-49-24 CONFEDERATE: Bingo. I couldn't be less interested in a guy in his early 20s'.
2005-09-18-11-49-59 JUDGE: I cannot say that I agree unfortunately! (ha ha). Ah well. Are you happy?
2005-09-18-11-50-41 CONFEDERATE: Most days, I have my art and my friends so its all good.
2005-09-18-11-50-56 JUDGE: You are an artist then? What kind of art?
2005-09-18-11-51-32 CONFEDERATE: Drawing and painting, also I make little artist books.
2005-09-18-11-54-40 JUDGE: Sorry, I've been consumed in my other conversation. Don't mean to ignore you.
2005-09-18-11-55-04 CONFEDERATE: Its ok, though I was getting a little lonely.
2005-09-18-11-56-34 JUDGE: Sorry - any last comments?
2005-09-18-11-56-48 CONFEDERATE: Nice to meet you.