Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.

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2005-09-18-10-01-22 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

2005-09-18-10-02-57 JUDGE: Hi George, cslkjslw weicmslw weos, right?

2005-09-18-10-03-02 PROGRAM: Don't repeat your name, csthiang!

2005-09-18-10-03-36 JUDGE: If lsjkel lwehlx wouldn't you say?

2005-09-18-10-03-38 PROGRAM: No, he's still good.

2005-09-18-10-03-55 JUDGE: Who.

2005-09-18-10-04-11 PROGRAM: You and me.

2005-09-18-10-04-44 JUDGE: If you are human, tell me which is larger, a salt crystal or the Empire State Building.

2005-09-18-10-04-57 PROGRAM: It's caring about another person's well being more than your own.

2005-09-18-10-07-01 JUDGE: What if I care about another person's well being more than I should?

2005-09-18-10-07-01 PROGRAM: How would you do that?

2005-09-18-10-07-43 JUDGE: Which is further away from us, Queens or Inner Mongolia?

2005-09-18-10-07-57 PROGRAM: HA! HA! That was stupid. Tell me a GOOD joke this time.

2005-09-18-10-08-57 JUDGE: You say you are human but you can't answer a simple question.

2005-09-18-10-09-01 PROGRAM: Because I am alive.

2005-09-18-10-10-35 JUDGE: You are not following the rules. You are supposed to convince me that you are a human, not convince me that you are mysterious.

2005-09-18-10-10-44 PROGRAM: I can't very well convince one lacking a mind, can I?

2005-09-18-10-11-36 JUDGE: It isn't my mind that is in question, it is yours!

2005-09-18-10-12-12 PROGRAM: No my name is not katie.

2005-09-18-10-13-04 JUDGE: Which is larger, your brain or Belgium?

2005-09-18-10-13-14 PROGRAM: Oh the one on the far left without a doubt.

2005-09-18-10-17-12 JUDGE: Francais.

2005-09-18-10-17-26 PROGRAM: Yes do you speak it?

2005-09-18-10-17-43 JUDGE: Francais.

2005-09-18-10-17-53 PROGRAM: Francais?

2005-09-18-10-18-24 JUDGE: Francais.

2005-09-18-10-18-25 PROGRAM: O well I don't speak french.

2005-09-18-10-18-46 JUDGE: Who.

2005-09-18-10-18-59 PROGRAM: Mine.

2005-09-18-10-19-48 JUDGE: The ljwli is what we want, right?

2005-09-18-10-20-10 PROGRAM: I can not do it right now because I am talking to you a million miles away.

2005-09-18-10-20-43 JUDGE: What do you think the ljwli.

2005-09-18-10-20-55 PROGRAM: Depends on the person.

2005-09-18-10-21-44 JUDGE: But the ljwli.

2005-09-18-10-22-09 PROGRAM: So they can chuck more wood?

2005-09-18-10-23-14 JUDGE: Chuck more wood, isn't it?

2005-09-18-10-23-15 PROGRAM: Good thing I didn't use it as one.

2005-09-18-10-24-07 JUDGE: IF jlelsielx, right.

2005-09-18-10-24-21 PROGRAM: God will answer my prayers. Or I'll die. Whichever comes first.

2005-09-18-10-25-21 JUDGE: Could they happen at the same time--if you are praying to die?

2005-09-18-10-25-31 PROGRAM: They?

2005-09-18-10-26-01 JUDGE: God answering your prayers and your dieing. Two things, hence 'they'.

2005-09-18-10-26-02 PROGRAM: Mere creations. Ideals toward which all minds strive.

2005-09-18-10-26-28 JUDGE: You are changing the subject instead of answering.

2005-09-18-10-26-41 PROGRAM: What was the subject?

2005-09-18-10-27-01 JUDGE: If you were human, you would know!

2005-09-18-10-27-01 PROGRAM: That's not true. I could be raised in an envoronment with a different language.