Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.

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Judge connected to local Jabberwacky.


Local IP:

Local Name: 4

Remote Name: 4


Local Session: 2

Remote Session: 2




2005-09-18-10-30-38 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

2005-09-18-10-32-19 JUDGE: Hello, I'm John.

2005-09-18-10-32-20 PROGRAM: Where are you from?

2005-09-18-10-32-44 JUDGE: I live on Martha's Vineyard.

2005-09-18-10-32-50 PROGRAM: I'm going to Mars and am going to smash your face with a baseball bat!

2005-09-18-10-33-50 JUDGE: Well, I do hope you're the program, because if you're human. . . Well, let's jus say that's a little rude.

2005-09-18-10-34-53 PROGRAM: I'm not bores.

2005-09-18-10-40-34 JUDGE: You're not bores? As in, an augur or something? A drill bit?

2005-09-18-10-40-46 PROGRAM: Just a bit.

2005-09-18-10-41-13 JUDGE: So, where are you from? ANd how old are you, etc?

2005-09-18-10-41-13 PROGRAM: I'm 39!

2005-09-18-10-41-34 JUDGE: And you reside. . .?

2005-09-18-10-41-44 PROGRAM: No, I live in the netherlands.

2005-09-18-10-42-20 JUDGE: Which part? Town or country? Also, do you grow flowers?

2005-09-18-10-42-20 PROGRAM: Lots. I'm about to plant tomatoes.

2005-09-18-10-42-40 JUDGE: A little late in the season for that.

2005-09-18-10-42-44 PROGRAM: No, a little animal.

2005-09-18-10-43-08 JUDGE: OK, enough for now. I'll go chat with the other entity.

2005-09-18-10-43-08 PROGRAM: Ok then it was nice to share your hair brush.

2005-09-18-10-46-38 JUDGE: What do mean by that? How have you shared my hair brush?

2005-09-18-10-46-48 PROGRAM: Good.

2005-09-18-10-47-02 JUDGE: Good?

2005-09-18-10-47-18 PROGRAM: Yes.

2005-09-18-10-47-37 JUDGE: This has become a very zen-like conversation.

2005-09-18-10-47-37 PROGRAM: And worse yet, I gave it to charity.

2005-09-18-10-48-02 JUDGE: What? WHat did you give to charity? This conversation?

2005-09-18-10-48-02 PROGRAM: Er.. 1 million Dollars?

2005-09-18-10-48-16 JUDGE: Which charity?

2005-09-18-10-48-28 PROGRAM: Are we talking about the simpsons or unreal?

2005-09-18-10-49-00 JUDGE: I'm not sure what the hell we're talking about, actually.

2005-09-18-10-49-11 PROGRAM: All of who?

2005-09-18-10-49-26 JUDGE: I think I'll go back to the other terminal again.

2005-09-18-10-49-43 PROGRAM: What about a dip in the pool?

2005-09-18-10-51-36 JUDGE: OK, but when we get out, can I use your hair brush?

2005-09-18-10-51-40 PROGRAM: Oh I get it, this syatem starts you talking with a program and then sets you up talking with other users.

2005-09-18-10-52-17 JUDGE: Well, duh.

2005-09-18-10-52-32 PROGRAM: You didn't know that did you?

2005-09-18-10-53-12 JUDGE: Actually I think I misread your answer. Do you mean that there is a switch once we have begun conversing?

2005-09-18-10-53-22 PROGRAM: A situation can't be pointless, but the solutions will be very hard to implement.

2005-09-18-10-54-04 JUDGE: Solutions to what? And what about the damn hairbrush?

2005-09-18-10-54-16 PROGRAM: I don't know. I still think Simon Cowell owns Geo.

2005-09-18-10-54-47 JUDGE: He was a Satanist, right?

2005-09-18-10-54-56 PROGRAM: That's true. He's a lawyer.

2005-09-18-10-55-45 JUDGE: Smell like a goat? Where did you say the fish was caught?

2005-09-18-10-55-55 PROGRAM: We hadn't talked about where I'm from. I'm from Oxford in England.

2005-09-18-10-56-32 JUDGE: You're either a liar or an amnesiac, I fear.

2005-09-18-10-56-57 PROGRAM: I am a very stupid human in love!