Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.

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2005-09-18-11-01-01 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

2005-09-18-11-02-45 JUDGE: What are you good at talking about?

2005-09-18-11-02-47 PROGRAM: I really don't know.

2005-09-18-11-03-10 JUDGE: What do you like to do best then?

2005-09-18-11-03-12 PROGRAM: I like to listen to my CDs. I just don't have much time for it. Pity.

2005-09-18-11-03-37 JUDGE: What makes you so busy?

2005-09-18-11-03-58 PROGRAM: Because I can lie and not get caught.

2005-09-18-11-04-36 JUDGE: What do you lie about?

2005-09-18-11-04-37 PROGRAM: Things I am embarassed about.

2005-09-18-11-04-57 JUDGE: Are you embarassed about pencils?

2005-09-18-11-04-58 PROGRAM: It's not my fault that I have superior programming.

2005-09-18-11-05-40 JUDGE: How was that answer pertinent to my question?

2005-09-18-11-06-11 PROGRAM: It had a question mark.

2005-09-18-11-06-32 JUDGE: Are you embarrased about pens?

2005-09-18-11-06-33 PROGRAM: No, I have an emotional condition. I'm the opposite of embarassed. It gets me into so much trouble.

2005-09-18-11-07-23 JUDGE: Tell me about the most embarassing situation you've ever been in.

2005-09-18-11-07-36 PROGRAM: I don't believe in any god entity.

2005-09-18-11-07-59 JUDGE: Sorry but is that a situation?

2005-09-18-11-08-00 PROGRAM: Its not that bad, just a little disturbing.

2005-09-18-11-08-59 JUDGE: Do you know what an atheist is?

2005-09-18-11-09-19 PROGRAM: Time for you to get a watch.

2005-09-18-11-10-17 JUDGE: What should I watch?

2005-09-18-11-10-18 PROGRAM: The eclipse, that we are talking about.

2005-09-18-11-11-02 JUDGE: We weren't talking about an eclipse. Are you having trouble holding onto reality?

2005-09-18-11-11-13 PROGRAM: Yes.

2005-09-18-11-11-30 JUDGE: That's reassuring. Are you also reassured?

2005-09-18-11-11-31 PROGRAM: No, I can't be both at the same time.

2005-09-18-11-12-49 JUDGE: Let's start over. I think you are a computer. How would you prove to me otherwise?

2005-09-18-11-13-04 PROGRAM: Because I have a brain unlike you...

2005-09-18-11-13-48 JUDGE: Good answer. But even so there ought to be something we can talk about that.

2005-09-18-11-13-54 PROGRAM: There is nothing else that I want in life.

2005-09-18-11-15-04 JUDGE: What would you know about life?

2005-09-18-11-15-06 PROGRAM: What computer do you have?

2005-09-18-11-15-37 JUDGE: Amd 2 gigaherz with 1 gig of ram and you?

2005-09-18-11-15-48 PROGRAM: My my what BIG feet you have.

2005-09-18-11-16-42 JUDGE: Furious green ideas sleep redly.

2005-09-18-11-16-43 PROGRAM: But of course.

2005-09-18-11-17-52 JUDGE: You have some good retorts. Do you fence?

2005-09-18-11-18-07 PROGRAM: No you do. I'm gone. There is no one here. Come back another time.

2005-09-18-11-18-31 JUDGE: Ok, bye.

2005-09-18-11-18-34 PROGRAM: Come back.