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Confederate #2 talking to judge #1


11:1:46: ENTITY: Hello, my name is Gianluca and I am the human

11:3:46: JUDGE : Gianluca, if you are the human, you can tell me which is bigger, your left shoe or Belgium


11:4:5: ENTITY: Belgium ofcourse..

11:5:0: JUDGE : Ok, here is a harder one, which is bigger, Belgium or France


11:5:27: ENTITY: France ofcourse

11:5:51: JUDGE : Ok which is further away, Queens or the Queen?


11:6:15: ENTITY: The Queen..

11:6:37: JUDGE : OK, your the human, but now for the hardest one: am I human?


11:7:0: ENTITY: Ofcourse your a human.

11:7:30: JUDGE : who do you think?


11:8:57: ENTITY: Interesting.. Well I'm a very smart bot.. Let me analyze.. Ask me more questions, that I may analyze more.

11:9:32: JUDGE : Which is bigger, the Empire State Building or the Empire State?


11:10:8: ENTITY: The Empire State ofcourse

11:10:48: JUDGE : I admit these are crummy questions, but then if you were a machine you wouldn't know the answers.  Here's a question: what would you ask to see if I am a machine?


11:11:9: ENTITY: Your circuits.

11:11:56: JUDGE : OK you can see my circuits any day


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11:21:39: ENTITY: Hello, my name is Gianluca and I am the human

11:21:52: JUDGE : Hi Gianluca, what is your name?


11:22:8: ENTITY: My name is Gianluca.. What is your name?

11:22:29: JUDGE : I am Ned.  What is the difference between a duck?


11:22:55: ENTITY: I dont understand your question.

11:23:30: JUDGE : Good, now we are getting somewhere.  I don't understand your answer.  Let's start over.  What do you think of dlwkewolweo?


11:23:49: ENTITY: I dont understand your question.

11:24:55: JUDGE : Yes, that is the right response for a human.  A machine might just pretend to use the nonsense word.  


11:25:44: ENTITY: Not true.. A smart bot could reference the word, see that it is mispelled, and give you the above answer.

11:26:25: JUDGE : Yes but interestingly, these machines don't seem to have dictionaries.  And in any case, there could easily be some word in the news that isn't in any dictionaries, like Katrina


11:27:4: ENTITY: Very true... What do you think should be a smart bot? What should it do?

11:27:28: JUDGE : Well at least avoid all the obvious pitfalls like repeating back nonsense words


11:27:44: ENTITY: true...

11:28:47: JUDGE :