CONNECTION ESTABLISHED AT 1127059129.89063 on Sun 09/18/2005

Confederate #1 talking to judge #2


11:59:47: ENTITY: hello, my name is Sam and I am the human

12:3:26: JUDGE : Hi Sam. How are you?


12:3:44: ENTITY: I am fine.  How are you?

12:4:5: JUDGE : Fine, thanks! My name is Lila.


12:4:19: ENTITY: Hi Lila

12:4:32: JUDGE : So Sam, how old are you?


12:5:5: ENTITY: A woman who will tell you her age will tell you anything. -- Oscar Wilde

12:5:18: JUDGE : Are you then that kind of woman?


12:5:32: ENTITY: No.

12:6:48: JUDGE : So, what will you reveal?


12:7:12: ENTITY: It depends.  What will you reveal?

12:7:22: JUDGE : Try me.


12:7:43: ENTITY: How do you like being a judge?

12:8:22: JUDGE : I am having a good time.  Are you enjoying being a confederate?


12:8:49: ENTITY: It's all right.  When judges don't write back, it hurts my feelings.

12:9:18: JUDGE : Well, perhaps you are not as interesting as a computer.


12:9:33: ENTITY: Perhaps you are not as interesting as a computer.

12:10:54: JUDGE : Perhaps. 


12:11:11: ENTITY: How do I know you are a human?

12:11:33: JUDGE : I don't know. You can test me.


12:11:57: ENTITY: That's your job.

12:12:49: JUDGE : I already know. You were the one who asked me about my state. Anyway, tell me something else about yourself. Like a favorite restaurant? Activity?


12:12:59: ENTITY: I like to swim.

12:13:22: JUDGE : Where do you swim?


12:13:32: ENTITY: In lakes.

12:15:6: JUDGE : I love floating in lakes - in an inner tube.


12:15:39: ENTITY: Would you rather float in lakes than be a judge?

12:16:3: JUDGE : Any day. Especially since it is so hot in here AND i feel sad that the summer is over.


12:16:25: ENTITY: Me too.  Should we leave?

12:17:10: JUDGE : Soon, be patient!  How did you get here?


12:17:26: ENTITY: I got here in a car.

12:18:40: JUDGE : Most NY'ers don't own cars.  What kind of car and where did you drive from?


12:19:34: ENTITY: I didn't drive.  Someone drove me here from elsewhere in Manhattan.

12:20:1: JUDGE : Ah, got it. What do you do for work? 


12:20:15: ENTITY: I am a human.

12:20:32: JUDGE : for pay?


12:21:17: ENTITY: Most of the humans here are paid.  Are judges paid?

12:21:45: JUDGE : We are given honorariums.  Same thing. Did you know what you were being hired to do?


12:21:56: ENTITY: Yes.  Did you?

12:22:53: JUDGE : Indeed.  So, where do you live in NYC? 


12:23:13: ENTITY: I can

12:23:41: JUDGE : can what?


12:24:3: ENTITY: Cannot reveal that information.  Where do you live?

12:24:36: JUDGE : Wow - you are certainly secretive. Do you think I might stalk you dressed as a banana or something?


12:25:16: ENTITY: No, but that would be interesting.  That would make you a much more interesting judge.

12:25:58: JUDGE : Yes, indeed. How about if I just plain stalked you with no fruit costume? Still interesting? O rnow scary?


12:26:26: ENTITY: Hard to say.  I've never met you.  You might be more interesting or less scary as fruit.

12:27:32: JUDGE : And much better looking probably!


12:28:7: ENTITY: Don't be so hard on yourself. 

12:28:44: JUDGE :