CONNECTION ESTABLISHED AT 1127060964.20313 on Sun 09/18/2005

confederate #3 talking to judge #4


12:30:40: ENTITY: Hello, my name is Geovanny and I am the human.

12:37:36: JUDGE : Hello Geovanny.  How are you this find Sunday?


12:38:56: ENTITY: this Sunday very interesting. I feel like my humanity is on the table and at risk during these talks. Trying to outdo the computer and prove that I am a more interesting entity to talk to is very strenuos.

12:39:24: JUDGE : Well, don't fret on my account.  I consider you a fine entity.  Where are you from?


12:40:23: ENTITY:  are from Colombia, but I was born and raised in New York City. I consider myself a New Yorker, which in my mind makes me a citizen of the world due to my exposure to so many different peoples.

12:40:44: JUDGE : Do you live in the city now? Uptown or downtown or?


12:40:53: ENTITY: ptown

12:41:18: JUDGE : I live in Massachusetts now, but I went to High school on 16th street.


12:41:37: ENTITY: Sox fans harrass you when they find out you are originally from NYC?

12:42:10: JUDGE : No.  I'm a big time Sox fan, so nobody cares where I'm from.  I used to go to a lot of Yankees and Mets games.


12:43:20: ENTITY: When in Rome, I guess. Good policy. My brother is in Rhode Island and is a big Yankee fan, when he travels all in that New England section which RI is part of, he hears it from all the Sox fans.

12:44:6: JUDGE : Well, of course.  My three children were all born in Boston, so naturally I'm partial to Boston now.  Who are yankees playing today?  I think it's Tampa?


12:46:33: ENTITY: , but I haven't been following them this year because I kinda got disgusted in the way they did business these past few years, disgarding there veterans like Andy Petite and El Duque in favor of these older, expensive, unreliable players like Kevin Bronw, Carl Pavano and to a degree even A-Rod who although puts up good numbers, is still not considered Yankee material by many fans

12:50:11: JUDGE : Hello.


12:50:25: ENTITY: hey welcome back

12:51:24: JUDGE : The other bot does not know much about baseball. Or about anything, really.  As a Sox fan, I must admit, I have loved watching the Yankees go out and get lousy players.  But they're only 2 games back, so I'm worried.


12:52:47: ENTITY: YEah for a minute there I felt like I was reliving the 80's when crazy George would trade off all his prospects and buy all thes expensive old players---I feel like in 3 years we will be in the cellar again and may not get out for another 7 years--you'll love that I'm sure

12:53:35: JUDGE : The Yankees always come back.  You speak like a true Yankees fan, always worried about the worst.  I'm going back to the othe bot. Good luck to your team, so long as you don't beat mine.


12:54:12: ENTITY: See you in the playoffs, as we end this conversation we are freinds, but when we see each other in the playoffs we will meet as enemies.

12:57:38: JUDGE : You're on.  See ya later.