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Confederate #3 talking to judge #4


13:0:41: ENTITY: Hello my name is Amy and I am the human.

13:3:35: JUDGE : hello amy, my name is dennis. pleased  to meet you.


13:3:58: ENTITY: Nice to meet you too, what do you do here in NY?

13:4:32: JUDGE : i am a rock climber and puzzlist. how about you?


13:5:2: ENTITY: I'm an artist, I draw and paint amd make books.

13:5:24: JUDGE : tell me about your most recent book.


13:6:11: ENTITY: Its' called "Sugar and Seed" and its about the role sugar plays in a seeds development. Its a book of drawings.

13:6:33: JUDGE : that's cool. sugar is a source of carbon in plants isn't it?


13:7:25: ENTITY: Yeah, something like that. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I lost most of my scientific notes on plants but I think thats right.

13:7:54: JUDGE : what is the most complex picture you drew or painted for that book?


13:9:13: ENTITY: Well I'm only about halfway through at this point, but I've really stuggled with this drawing where I've imagined clusters of samura pods(maple seeds) that sprout french bon-bon candies.

13:9:57: JUDGE : given that you're talking about seed development, you might consider having them


13:10:18: ENTITY: Having them what?

13:10:54: JUDGE : sorry, i hit return to early. i meant that the seeds might consume the candies instead of sprouting them:)


13:12:20: ENTITY: Thats an interesting approach. the sugar is an overwhelmming thing for the seeds development . The candy is a replacement for the real seed and it feeds the ground and in the nest chapter the ground sprouts ice cream cones.

13:13:19: JUDGE : sounds like a really fun book. i'm a big believer in books that tell a biological story with whimsy.


13:14:9: ENTITY: Yeah, I'm atracted to whimsy as well. I'm not sure why my mind works this way but I'm grateful for it and appreciate it.

13:15:48: JUDGE : ok, here is a whimsical question for you: if you were planting several plants together and wanted to be able to create an image that was a photograph (not drawn), what would you include?


13:17:6: ENTITY: I think I would want to keep a bit of mystery in the photograph and I would just photograph the middle of the plants, not show the top of the roots. Does that make sense?

13:17:59: JUDGE : yes, only a real professional would then be able to tell the kind of plant from the stems. i wonder how much color variety there is in stems. do you know?


13:18:39: ENTITY: Not sure about that, but there is often difference in stripes and texture thats quite beautiful

13:19:16: JUDGE : agreed. now for the converse: suppose one wanted a picture that is entirely created


13:19:40: ENTITY: Not sure I understand

13:20:59: JUDGE : once again i hit return too early. what i meant was that one wants a picture that is created from scratch, that does not necessarily exist but could plausibly exist yet looks utterly fantastic


13:22:5: ENTITY: Well, even the fantastic for me has a hint of reality. Its where the imagination comes in and fantisizes new possibilities in form.

13:24:25: JUDGE : sure, you'd want just a hint of reality, but as in these tests, you'd want to play on the edge of reality and fantasy. i just think, from your self-description, that you'd come up with something cool.


13:25:56: ENTITY: Your right it is mostly play. I just believe that we as humans can never get completly away from our environment the reality of our physical world, but there is always the possibility of imaginig an alternative based on what we know.

13:26:54: JUDGE : how about a plant that is helioantagonistic?


13:27:19: ENTITY: I'm sorry, but I don't know what that is.

13:27:31: JUDGE : i mean away from the sun.


13:27:51: ENTITY: Oh it thrives without light?

13:28:13: JUDGE : right and seeks darkness. the influence of sugar might be stronger for such plants.


13:28:23: ENTITY:  I could draw that

13:28:43: JUDGE :