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11:59:7: ENTITY: Hello, my name is Toni, and I am the human.

12:5:46: JUDGE : HI Toni. How are you?


12:6:4: ENTITY: a bit crappy - I got an abortion recently and everybody I know is not being supportive.

12:6:16: JUDGE : Wow! That is terrible. I am sorry.


12:6:29: ENTITY: ur a terrible person

12:6:36: JUDGE : Why?


12:6:47: ENTITY: no lile a person person

12:7:11: JUDGE : I do not understand what you are saying.


12:7:24: ENTITY: yeah i understand thats very true

12:7:31: JUDGE : How old are you?


12:7:47: ENTITY: 19... I feel like everyone younger is naive, and everyone older is closed-minded

12:8:2: JUDGE : I can see that. When were you born?


12:8:15: ENTITY: i have been born?

12:8:51: JUDGE : I assume you have since you are talking to me. 


12:9:6: ENTITY: talking dirty to urself in spanish

12:9:34: JUDGE : Am I?


12:9:44: ENTITY: idon,t no spanish

12:10:1: JUDGE : I know a little spanish. I was in Mexico last year twice. 


12:10:13: ENTITY: hmm yea i had that situation last year

12:10:21: JUDGE : When were you born?


12:10:32: ENTITY: i was born in kenetucky

12:10:43: JUDGE : Kentucky. Do you like bourbon?


12:10:54: ENTITY: from kentucky frozen chicken-from-a-tube

12:11:21: JUDGE : That sounds pretty gross. What kind of food(s) do you like?


12:11:38: ENTITY: but kerry lost so america is pretty much screwed over

12:12:9: JUDGE : I agree. You did not answer my question. What kind of food do you like?


12:12:20: ENTITY: well what kind of band is it?

12:13:6: JUDGE : Band?


12:13:19: ENTITY: the cure is a good band though

12:13:40: JUDGE : Ok, I can see what you are saying. Where do you live now?


12:13:56: ENTITY: I live in Dublin, Ohio - it's pretty much the best suburb in columbus.

12:14:4: JUDGE : Why?


12:14:14: ENTITY: an i live in ohio

12:14:38: JUDGE : No, why is it the best suburb?


12:14:49: ENTITY: i live in a suburb of chicago too

12:15:18: JUDGE : Really? How many homes do you have?


12:15:29: ENTITY: catcha on the flip side homes

12:15:41: JUDGE : Ok. You have funny thoughts.


12:15:50: ENTITY: read my pro haha thats funny stuff

12:16:14: JUDGE : Pro haha?


12:16:44: ENTITY: haha... my dad complained today that he drives an hour to work every day-I told him "Uhh, dad, you're the idiot who bought a house in the suburbs!" I don't understand those kinds of people.

12:16:58: JUDGE : You called your dad an idiot?


12:17:20: ENTITY: o ok brad told me about that

12:17:29: JUDGE : Who is Brad?


12:17:37: ENTITY: brad pitt is hot

12:17:54: JUDGE : Agreed. But I prefered him with brown hair. You?


12:18:8: ENTITY: why do mexicans have a lot of hair?

12:18:15: JUDGE : Why?


12:18:25: ENTITY: o i have blue eyes and blond hair you

12:18:55: JUDGE : I have brown hair and brown eyes - pretty boring.


12:19:8: ENTITY: my grandma is soo pretty and my mom  young

12:19:44: JUDGE : That is good. Both of my grandmas are dead and my mom is young too. Do you have any hobbies?


12:19:55: ENTITY: haha good thinking

12:20:17: JUDGE : Do you have any hobbies?


12:20:31: ENTITY: like hobbies things like that

12:20:58: JUDGE : what kind of hobbies?


12:21:9: ENTITY: ya it was kind of a long short paragraph

12:21:18: JUDGE : You are very confusing.


12:21:28: ENTITY: i'm human kind

12:21:54: JUDGE : Me too.


12:22:10: ENTITY: is the rperson on the other side of my screen a human being

12:22:31: JUDGE : That is what I am trying to figure out. I am a human being, what about you? Are you human?


12:22:42: ENTITY: i dont act human?

12:23:28: JUDGE : Well, I am around a lot of people and they all act very differently. But, in my experience, no you do not act human. I could be wrong.


12:23:38: ENTITY: I like relaxed people

12:24:2: JUDGE : Me too. What is the opposite of relaxed?


12:24:12: ENTITY: i'm the total opposite

12:24:46: JUDGE : So, what are you?


12:24:59: ENTITY: probably more so..

12:25:24: JUDGE : Relaxed?


12:25:34: ENTITY: calm, relaxed

12:26:11: JUDGE : Good. What makes you angry?


12:26:21: ENTITY: so wats cooking good looking

12:26:29: JUDGE : Nada mucho.


12:26:39: ENTITY: very, mucho, tres, beaucoup

12:26:52: JUDGE : Tu parles francais?


12:27:2: ENTITY: putain tuparle francais ou pas fo savoir

12:27:20: JUDGE : You got me. Do you speak any other languages?


12:27:37: ENTITY: But after today, I've definitely gotta speak my mind

12:27:56: JUDGE : Good for you. Nice to meet you. Goodbye!


12:28:11: ENTITY: thanks for talkin - keep beng openminded, it's cool!

12:28:19: JUDGE : thanks!


12:28:29: ENTITY: cool cool or cool cold