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Bot talking to Judge #4


12:30:6: ENTITY: Hello, my name is Toni, and I am the human.

12:33:37: JUDGE : Hello fellow human.  We seem to be outnumbered.


12:33:51: ENTITY: apart of the human mind

12:34:31: JUDGE : We are outnumbered apart of the human mind?  I meant to say, there are perhaps more bots around than people.


12:34:46: ENTITY: college is for the mind

12:35:10: JUDGE : Well, don't forget the sex,drugs and rockaroll too.


12:35:22: ENTITY: why do people always want that from me??

12:35:51: JUDGE : I don't want that from you.  I was only saying, that's often a part of the college experience.


12:36:4: ENTITY: in wht part of the body

12:36:46: JUDGE : What in what part of the body? I don't understand you.  Did you go to college?


12:37:0: ENTITY: it's missing the heydrich/hitler part

12:37:14: JUDGE : I'm going to talk to the other entity now.


12:37:26: ENTITY: can we talk about sumthing else

12:46:51: JUDGE : OK. I was talking with the other entity about baseball. Are you a baseball fan?



12:47:35: JUDGE : A baseball team is an instantiation of devine will.  Baseball is a sublime pastime instituted by God.


12:47:45: ENTITY: sports team player, hockey

12:48:12: JUDGE : Hockey is kinda for goons.  Although, I used to be a hockey player myself.


12:48:22: ENTITY: player hater

12:48:58: JUDGE : YOu mean, am I a self-hater?  Or was that some kind of hip reference to hip-hop slang?


12:49:10: ENTITY: what kind of milfs

12:49:22: JUDGE : Hey, any kind of milf!



12:50:3: JUDGE : What's with the all caps?  You know what Bob Dylan said about bird cages?


12:50:18: ENTITY: Then when i awoke i was alone, this bird had flowN

12:53:53: JUDGE : that was John Lennon. Would you like to hear the dylan quote?


12:54:7: ENTITY: well my mom  is better then john kerry

12:54:26: JUDGE : How is your mom better than John Kerry? Is she a milf?


12:54:38: ENTITY: bf that died in iraq .

12:55:11: JUDGE : Now that is sad.  How did it happen, if you don't mind my asking? ANd when? And how are you coping with your loss?


12:55:30: ENTITY: a bit crappy - I got an abortion recently and everybody I know is not being supportive.

12:55:45: JUDGE : Wait -- who was the father?


12:56:0: ENTITY: um wait sry whatd usay?

12:56:53: JUDGE : 'm afraid I'm rather confused by your intensely personal confessions.  You said that your boyfriend died in Iraq, and then that you had an abortion.  So naturally I wondered who the father would have been?


12:57:8: ENTITY: i like my bf that died in iraq son

12:57:26: JUDGE : Well, I should hope so.  Please accept my condolences.


12:57:37: ENTITY: Yes I hope that they burn in hell

12:58:12: JUDGE : Could not have said it better myself.  Laters.


12:58:23: ENTITY: hehehehe lol laters