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bot talking to judge #3


13:0:21: ENTITY: Hello, my name is Toni, and I am the human.

13:3:48: JUDGE : hello toni, what color hair do you have?


13:4:4: ENTITY: any guys with long hair here?????/

13:5:6: JUDGE : i don't, but there are several on the street.


13:5:18: ENTITY: and to play in the street

13:5:42: JUDGE : let's go back to you.


13:5:53: ENTITY: I just got back from movies i saw White Chicks it rocked

13:6:54: JUDGE : right, but could you tell me about yourself?


13:7:7: ENTITY: i couldn't really tell whta my best friend  thought

13:8:14: JUDGE : who might that best friend be?


13:8:28: ENTITY: i don't think my best friend received it kindly

13:9:16: JUDGE : what is your best friend's name?


13:9:27: ENTITY: yeah my friends are still sleeping

13:10:19: JUDGE : what do you think about politics these days?


13:10:31: ENTITY: yea go politics

13:11:3: JUDGE : where should politics go?


13:11:17: ENTITY: into politics are we

13:11:36: JUDGE : yes, what do you think about clinton and monika?


13:11:48: ENTITY: clinton was the shit

13:12:6: JUDGE : good answer. was monika a siren or a victim?


13:12:20: ENTITY: america is a good country

13:12:40: JUDGE : do you like mexico too?


13:12:53: ENTITY: mexico ha ha ha mexico

13:13:33: JUDGE : do you like belize too?


13:13:40: ENTITY: why do you ask?

13:13:55: JUDGE : i just don't see anything funny about belize.



13:16:14: JUDGE : it's too bad that belize is such a cold place don't you think?


13:16:23: ENTITY: not too cold

13:16:44: JUDGE : how warm would you say it is?


13:16:55: ENTITY: ... fire ... hot hot baby - nice n warm

13:17:14: JUDGE : very good. what about greenland? is that warm or cold?


13:17:23: ENTITY: ok good point

13:18:11: JUDGE : is greenland warm or cold?


13:18:21: ENTITY: Stars So Cold

13:18:50: JUDGE : right again. i don't know if you're just lucky, but not at all bad.


13:18:59: ENTITY: its a lucky country

13:19:37: JUDGE : which country is lucky?


13:20:7: ENTITY: My parents moved to Ohio from canada - and they regret it cuz they liked the cheaper drugs... i dunno though, US healthcare is good too, as long as you make enough money.

13:21:54: JUDGE : what makes you happy?


13:22:3: ENTITY: violence makes me happy

13:22:24: JUDGE : are you a violent person or do you like to watch?


13:22:40: ENTITY: they believed my mom  was a person, just not the bloody "messiah"

13:25:8: JUDGE : whatever you say. i think you are a crazy girl.


13:25:18: ENTITY: hannah is my girl friend

13:25:37: JUDGE : do you live together?


13:25:54: ENTITY: I live in Dublin, Ohio - it's pretty much the best suburb in columbus.

13:26:12: JUDGE : bell labs is in columbus isn't it?


13:26:22: ENTITY: but taco bell after beer

13:27:15: JUDGE : it's been a pleasure talking with you toni.


13:27:23: ENTITY: cmon keep talking

13:28:17: JUDGE : bye


13:28:31: ENTITY: thanks for talkin - keep beng openminded, it's cool!