Transcripts of 2005 Loebner Prize Competition

"The First Turing Test"

Alice Transcripts
Richard Wallace

Conversation 1 Confederate Alice
Conversation 2 Confederate Alice
Conversation 3 Confederate Alice
Conversation 4 Confederate Alice

Toni Transcripts
Steve Watkins

Conversation 1 Confederate Toni
Conversation 2 Confederate Toni
Conversation 3 Confederate Toni
Conversation 4 Confederate Toni

Eugene Transcripts
Vladimir Veselov

Conversation 1 Confederate Eugene
Conversation 2 Confederate
Conversation 3 Confederate
Conversation 4 Confederate

Jabberwacky Transcripts
Rollo Carpenter
(Winner of 2005 contest)

Conversation 1 Confederate Jabberwacky
Conversation 2 Confederate Jabberwacky
Conversation 3 Confederate Jabberwacky
Conversation 4 Confederate Jabberwacky