Loebner Prize 2005 Information

"The First Turing Test"

The 15th Annual Loebner Prize contest for artificial intelligence was held Sunday, September 18, 2005 in New York City.

First Place: "Jabberwacky", Rollo Carpenter
Second Place "Eugene" Vladimir Veselov
Third Place "Toni", Steven Watkins,
Fourth Place "ALICE", Richard Wallace

Results and Scoring

Transcripts of the contest


Professor Ned Block, Dept's. of Philosophy and Psychology, New York University
Professor Dennis Shasha , Dept. of Computer Science. New York University
Professor Lila Davachi, Dept. of Psychology, New York University
John Sundman, Journalist

Photos From The Contest

Judge Ned Block

Judge Lila Davachi

Judge Dennis Sasha
Contestant Rollo Carpenter (Rear)

Judge John Sundman