The transcripts are best viewed by using LoebnerPlayer. LoebnerPlayer is a small Perl program that mimics the sessions.  In order to run LoebnerPlayer you will need to install Perl on your computer. This is free, and not very difficult to install.

Instructions for installing Perl and using LoebnerPlayer to read the logs.

  1. Download and save the log files. There are three logfiles for Loebner Prize 2007, one for each program.
  2. Download ActivePerl from and install on your computer. You can choose the free version labled "ActivePerl," (right side of the screen under "Language Downloads") or you can opt to purchase a development kit.
  3. Download and save LoebnerPlayer.txt
  4. Change the extension of LoebnerPlayer.txt from .txt to .pl The .txt extension is to enable your browser to download the file, the .pl extension will tell Perl to run it.
  5. Click on
    1. Click on "Which Log?" button and select log
    2. Click on judge number J1 -> J4.
  6. Loebner Player will play back the session. The speed of playback can be changed with the slider.
  7. Click the change log or change judge buttons to change either.
  8. Check the "hide" box to hide which is the human and which is the program.

Do it yourself: The log files contain the raw data of the sessions. Users who wish to can analyze the data themselves. In order to analyze the data it is necessary to know the format of the log files..

Format of transcripts:

The log files represent the time in milliseconds at which a key was pressed, the time in milliseconds at which character was posted to the judge's screen, whether it was on the left side or right side and whether the judge pressed the key or the other entity.
The intial four lines of each file are:

  1. Loebner Prize 2007 October 21 New York City
  2. These transcripts are in the public domain
  3. Transcripts of program Pn where n program number:1, 2 or 3
  4. starting round 1 left= xxx right = yyy where xxx and yyy are "human" and "program"

For example, for program P3, the log file begins:

Loebner Prize 2007 October 21 New York City
These transcripts are in the public domain
Transcripts of program P3
starting round 1 left= Human right = Program 3

This indicates that for round 1, the human interacted on the left side of the judges screen and the program interacted on the right side. The linesf ollowing consist of the actual data, in the format;

Judge Number, posted time in milliseconds, keypress in milliseconds, local (ie judge) or remote ( other, ie human/progam), side (left/right) and the actual key pressed

J3 011929736140563399 011929736140562500 local left H
J3 011929736140844935 011929736140844427 local left i
J3 011929736150829381 011929736150828125 local left CR

These three lines indicate that Judge 3 typed H, i, carriage-return, on the left screen, which was the side of the "human." The letter "H" was typed at 011929736140562500 milliseconds and put on the screen at 011929736140563399 milliseconds.

At the conclusion of the round and beginning of the next, there will be another line begining with "starting round" and the round number, followed by the data for that round.