Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence
2009 Information and Transcripts

6 September 2009, Brighton Centre, Brighton, England, UK
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  1. David Levy (avg rank 4.5)
  2. Rollo Carpenter (avg rank 5)
  3. Mohan Embar (avg rank 5.5)
  1. Levy Entry logfile.P2.txt
  2. Carpenter Entry logfile.P1.txt
  3. Embar Entry logfile.p3.txt
Description of Transcripts

Each line of the transcript other than headers has 6 components:

judge number
time received in milliseconds
time sent in milliseconds
local (judge) or remote (human or program)
active side (left or right)
name of key that was pressed

Rounds are indicated with an initial *
Subrounds are indicated with initial double **
Each round had 4 subrounds, although only subrounds 1 and 2 (actual interactions) are recorded in the logs.

  1. left
  2. right
  3. scoring
  4. change of judges/humans

Playing the Transcripts with LoebnerPlayer_2009
  1. Download or copy the transcripts and save.
  2. Download LoebnerPlayer_2009
    click here to download
  3. Run LoebnerPlayer_2009
    1. Select log file
    2. Choose playback speed
    3. Select Judge

Sample from Log of Program3

*Starting round 1 program P3 human H2 judge J2 left is P3 right is Human
**Starting subround 1 program P3 human H2 judge J2 other is P3
J2 012522395810610049 012522395810609375 local left H 
J2 012522395810868951 012522395810867792 local left i

Scoring For Loebner Prize 2009, Brighton, England, 2009