1996 Loebner Prize Information


The sixth running of the Loebner Prize Contest, the 1996 Contest, was held 11:00 AM, Tuesday, April 16th, 1996 at :

The Andrus Gallery at Carnegie Hall
154 West 57th St
15th Floor
New York, NY 10019

This is the second year that the contest was unrestricted. Judges were not restricted in the questions that they asked the computers (or human confederate).


Human Confederate

The human confederate for the 1996 contest was:


Judges for the 1996 Loebner Prize Contest were:


The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and Dr. Loebner thank the following organizations for their gracious support of the 1996 contest.


The communications program for interaction between judges and confederates was programmed by Don Fricault. Loebner Prize Home Page

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