Could you tell us a little bit why are you interested in AI as a sociologist?

Could you explain why ALICE - the most effectiveprogram that engages in a conversation with a human - is unable to pass the Turing test?

How is the Turing machine is built?

Why the Turing test is to be an authoritative exam of machine intelligence?

Do you regard that it is possible to create ”thinking machines”?

How do you see the NPL development perspectives?

Why do people want to believe that a machine can think?

The malicious say that 40% of the human population is not able to pass the Turing test. Why then should we check that the machine can pretend a person with define mental predispositions?

What do you think about the opinions proclaimed by Marvin Minsky who said that “ I do hope that someone will volunteer to violate this proscription so that Mr. Loebner will indeed revoke his stupid prize, save himself some money, and spare us the horror of this obnoxious and unproductive annual publicity campaign.” ?

What do you see in the future for the Loebner Prize Contest? Any predictions?

What is your vision of the future?

What, in your opinion, is going to be the role of AI within the next years?